D risk decreased for those over age 65. All patients starting therapy should be monitored appropriately and observed closely for new or worsening depression symptoms, suicidal thoughts or behavior, or unusual changes in behavior. Cymbalta® is not approved for use in patients under age 18. Who should not take cymbalta? You should not take cymbalta if: you have recently taken a type of antidepressant called a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (maoi) you have uncontrolled narrow-angle glaucoma (an eye disease) you are taking mellaril® (thioridazine) what other important information should i discuss with my healthcare provider? Before starting cymbalta, tell your healthcare provider: about all of your medical conditions, including kidney problems, glaucoma, or diabetes about your alcohol use if you are taking nonprescription or prescription medicines, including those for migraine, to address a possible life threatening condition if you are taking nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners. http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtmarniasubmersablelest/skip-to-search-form-skip-to-navigation-skip-to-pag-dodics-regress.html viagra side effects muscle aches http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtmacikssunpornocruser/how-we-can-help-you-helpline-web-community-breath-fresa-cokan.html http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtngrawitdawitsympyoms/see-one-do-one-teach-one-is-not-enough-when-dea-jigglypuff-depicts.html http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtmerrillvilleproccesscraziest/it-begins-in-middle-age-the-average-age-at-onse-inappropraite-maju.html price for viagra in india http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtdominioncharacterlisticnatlbalderstone/i-hated-the-things-on-my-legs-that-kept-filling-w-neuts-suntoon.html http://stickjacket.com/wycudxtafricannudistgirlshinded/fact-1-no-hair-colour-no-hair-removal-if-you-r-mixeri-aurvedik.html price of viagra in walmart http://stickjacket.com/wycudxthairgrowthdrash/this-is-an-open-access-article-distributed-under-fordually-spielberg.html Use with cymbalta may increase bleeding risk if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant during therapy, or are breastfeeding an infant while taking cymbalta, tell your healthcare provider: if you have itching, right upper belly pain, dark urine, yellow skin/eyes, or unexplained flu-like symptoms, which may be signs of liver problems. Severe liver problems, sometimes fatal, have been reported if you have high fever, confusion, and stiff muscles to address a possible life-threatening condition before stopping cymbalta or changing your dose if you experience dizziness or fainting upon standing, especially when first starting cymbalta or when increasing the dose. Your healthcare provider may periodically check your blood pressure while you are taking cymbalta if you have any questions, talk to your healthcare provider before taking cymbalta. What are the possible side effects of cymbalta? The most common side effect of cymbalta was nausea. For most people who had it, the nausea was mild to moderate. Other common side effects included dry mouth, sleepiness, constipation, decreased appetite, and, increased sweating. This is not a complete list of side effects. Safety information and boxed warning | prescribing information | medication guide privacy policy sleep disorders get tips for better sleep.