viagra daily risks E to have him. So would every other “primary care” in my area. It’d give us more time with our hospital pts. Paul md ahhhhh…it’s refreshing to feel the love between us in all disciplines. Truth is there is the very real probability that -ologists will behave same as the -iatrists under the pressures of practice regarding cherry picking and profits. It is human nature and there is no way around it. I value my graduate school, medical school, internship, residency and fellowship training very much for the inherent competencies both medical and surgical that they have supported. I honestly cannot imagine doing what i do without having done it. One of the greatest concerns that i have as a sometime patient is that often, people don’t know what they don’t know. I have heard supposedly learned people discuss my area of medicine with such conviction and be so devoid of fact that it is chilling. Value your medical education. no rx viagra cheap generic viagra online cheap generic viagra india buy generic viagra cheap viagra cheap generic viagra india canada generic viagra viagra for sale See one, do one, teach one is not enough when dealing with human life. Legislating competency is not a good answer either. I deal with some optometrists that are brilliant at what they are trained to do but sorely lacking in the medical surgical aspects of eye care and often with a tremendous lack of respect and humility when discussing efforts to expand scope of practice through the political process rather than the educational process. Healthcare, like nature, abhors a vacuum and unmet services will be filled by other means. The challenges that lay before us will be interesting to say the least. Thanks. Jadedmd as a traditional internist with basically no psych support and who hates psych, i really wish i could turf these patients. But even the psychologists in my area won’t take medicaid or medicare, so i’m stuck trying to muddle my way through and do my best. Stevebmd the drug reps will have a field day with psychologists. After a two-year mini-psychopharm “curriculum,” it will be difficult for psychologists to resist the sales pitch of the abilify and seroquel hucksters, who will do everything (short of actually writing the prescription! ) to promote these drugs for every psychiatric ailment imaginable. Let’s face it, everyone wants the quick buck. Heck, just put abilify in the water supply and be done with i.