In recovery, i just know that i was asking for the lights to be turned off and looking for something to vomit in. I suffered from severe nausea and vomiting other times after general anesthetic and this was no exception. Most importantly however, i believed that i was "spasm free"! I hated the things on my legs that kept filling with air and massaging my legs. I was uncomfortable and grumpy and this lasted for several hours. I spent the night in the surgical critical care unit and then was on the regular floor for a few days. buy generic viagra discount pharmacy viagra where to buy viagra without prescription viagra for sale online cheap generic viagra pills how to buy generic viagra viagra online viagra for sale viagra no prescription required I was discharged from the hospital on october 8th (my 19th wedding anniversary), 5 days post-op.   1 week post-op. : i have developed numbness/paralysis on the mvd side of my face. However annoying, i have faith that it is only temporary and i'm marching on through this also. I have severe headaches and pain at night and alternate hours of sleeping between my bed and the recliner chair in the front room. I still have no appetite and at this point, i really am not sure i made the right choice.   2 weeks post-op. : i had the staples out today at my doctor’s office and in spite of being sick, tired and paralyzed on the left side of my face, he gently told me that i should hang in there and that he is sure that there will be a time that i am glad i did it. We had worked together for this for a long time and i just had to be patient with the results. New prescription for pain medications for headaches and pain at night which has made all the difference in the world as i am now able to get a few hours sleep at a time.   3 weeks post-op. : i have much less paralysis on the left side of the face now, it seems as if one day an area of the face is tingling and twitchy, and then by the next day, that area is “awake” again. The “twitchiness” in each area as it is “waking up” is very scary, but thankfully it seems to be minor and temporary.   7 weeks post-op. : i am preparing to go back to work, as i feel capable of getting back to things now. I am slightly headachy in the mornings, but think it is time to get back to life. Recovery was a rough road for me, much rougher it seems than for most people. That was just me and my body and how it reacted to the surgery and trauma. I am grateful to this site and the people here who are so generous with their sharing and helped me to make a huge decision in my life. Thank you very much. I truly didn’t realize the extent of the affects that this condition has had on my life. Until i was "spasm free". I had no realization that hfs had made me a whole different person than the one i really am! This surgery has given my family and myself the real me back again. I am grateful to my surgeon’s skilled hands and the abilities he was blessed with. After it all, am i glad that i did it? Without a doubt! I wouldn’t change a thing! Permission granted the hfsa to post mvd diary on website. Gail ferguson, nove. viagra from canada reviews