N attacks of pain that can be triggered by touch, chewing, or even brushing the teeth. Lhermitte's sign. A brief, stabbing, electric-shock-like sensation that runs from the back of the head down the spine, brought on by bending the neck forward. Burning, aching, or "girdling" around the body. This is called dysesthesia by physicians. There are also some types of pain related to ms that are described as being chronic in nature -- lasting for more than a month -- including pain from spasticity that can lead to muscle cramps, tight and aching joints, and back or musculoskeletal pain. These chronic pain syndromes can often be relieved by anti-inflammatory drugs, massage, and physical therapy. Assess how well you're managing your multiple sclerosis view article sources sources: francois bethoux, md, director of rehabilitation services, the mellen center for multiple sclerosis treatment and research, the cleveland clinic. Kathleen hawker, md, assistant professor of neurology, university of texas southwestern medical center, dallas. George kraft, director, multiple sclerosis rehabilitation, research, and training center and director, western multiple sclerosis center, university of washington, seattle. National multiple sclerosis society. Reviewed on february 17, 2004 â© 2004 webmd, inc. All rights reserved. viagra without a doctor prescription ordering viagra without a prescription cheapest generic super viagra discount generic viagra buy viagra online overnight shipping soft generic viagra buy viagra viagra for women for sale cialis and viagra generic cheap viagra free shipping Share what is this? Next article: multiple sclerosis: early symptoms, late symptoms ms health check: how well are you managing your symptoms? Multiple sclerosis tremors multiple sclerosis: ms-related fatigue multiple sclerosis: early warning signs vision problems and multiple sclerosis thinking problems: early signs of multiple sclerosis how ms progresses devic's syndrome schilder's disease: children & multiple sclerosis related web site: advanced reading: children and multiple sclerosis multiple sclerosis pain depression and multiple sclerosis urinary incontinence and multiple sclerosis multiple sclerosis guide 1 overview & causes 2 symptoms & types 3 diagnosis & tests 4 treatment & care 5 living & managing 6 support & resources further reading: treating multiple sclerosis with imuran multiple sclerosis and cytoxan therapy treating multiple sclerosis with iv steroids put on a happy face: community tv put on a happy face part 2: community tv multiple sclerosis medications multiple sclerosis (ms)-surgery see all multiple sclerosis treatment topics multiple sclerosis treatment home medical reference features video slideshows & images health tools news archive multiple sclerosis health home multiple sclerosis news multiple sclerosis reference multiple sclerosis videos multiple sclerosis community multiple sclerosis questions and answers multiple sclerosis glossary multiple sclerosis medications multiple sclerosis guide 1 overview & causes 2 symptoms & types 3 diagnosis & tests 4 treatment & care 5 living & managing 6 support & resources related to multiple sclerosis bladde. viagra viagra viagra forum